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Nihon sankei mark

July 21 is Nihon-sankei Day


Japan is an island nation of unique beauty, but three locations are traditionally touted as being the most scenic spots of Japan- these are the Nihon-sankei. But how were these places selected? During the Edo period (1600-1867) Shunsai Hayashi, a Confucian scholar, traveled across Japan on foot and wrote a book based on his experiences. In his book "Observations About the Remains of Japan's Civil Affairs," he bestowed unrivaled praise on the three locations in Japan he thought offered travelers the most stunning views. The unforgettable Matsushima, Amanohashidate, and Miyajima are as spectacular today as they were in the Edo period. These three awe-inspiring views, characterized by the sea and abundant greenery, have touched the hearts of millions of people and have been immortalized in the works of poets, writers, and artists. It is said that everyone should see these at least once.

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