Nihon-sankei about Nihon sankei The three most scenic spots in Japan

about The three most scenic spots in Japan

about Nihon-sankei

The word of Nihon-Sankei comes from the line “Being three places rare views” in “Nihonkoku Jiseki-kou”(Notes on Things and Traces in Japan Country), written by Hayashi Shunsai in earlier Edo period.
Since then, Matsushima, Amanohashidate, and Miyajima are said to be the most famous three sights in Japan.

July 21 is Nihon-sankei Day

July the 21st is the day of Nihon-Sankei, the birthday of Hayashi Shunsai in 1618.

Three Seas CruisingThree Seas Cruising

Japan is surrounded by various seas, and the seas near the sights are as well: Matsusima in Tohoku as Pacific Ocean, Amanohashidate in Kinki as Japan Sea, and Miyajima in Chugoku as Seto Inland Sea.
Views and atmosphere are different each other, and also fish and shellfish.
Cruising three sights are also cruising three seas.

宮島 松島 天橋立


the Pacific OceanMatsushima

The largest ocean in the world has the great horizon.
We can enjoy in Matsusima this horizon and hundreds of small islands at the same time.

  • Fish and Shellfish

    Inland bay Matsushima, Asari, Anago, or Kaki are famous.
    Surround the bay, many fishery ports in Tohoku are there, and a lot of fresh fish also.

  • Sights around Matsushima

    • Date Masamune
    • Ouchi-juku
    • Rissyakuji Temple
      Yamadera Rissyakuji Temple
    • Chusonji Temple
      Hiraizumi Chusonji Temple
    • Shiogama-jinja Shrine
      Shiogama-jinja Shrine

Japan SeaAmanohashidate

Japan Sea is imaged as wild waves and heavy snowstorm.
A lot of water carry rich mineral and nutrient from mountains to grow fish and crops.

  • Fish and Shellfish

    Fish from cold water and wild waves have rich fat and firm body.
    The representative food of Japan Sea would be Matsuba-gani in winter, and Iwa-gaki in summer is large and tasteful.

  • Sights around Amanohashidate

    • Ginkakuji Temple
    • Osaka Castle
    • Todaiji Temple
    • Harborland
    • Himeji Castle
      Himeji Castle
    • Tottori Sand Dune
      Tottori Sand Dune

Seto Inland SeaMiyajima

Word “Naikai(inland sea)” is said to be imported from western by translation with image of calm sea, but word “Seto(narrow channel)” was original Japanese, warning fast and dangerous tide flow, those are both Seto-Naikai.

  • Fish and Shellfish

    Rich nutrient from Chugoku Mountains and fast tide grow fish plump and tasty.
    Kaki, Anago, and Koiwashi cuisines are famous and special.

  • Sights around Miyajima

    • Atomic Bomb dome
      Atomic Bomb dome
    • Kintaikyo Bridge
      Kintaikyo Bridge
    • Kurashiki
    • Korakuen
    • Onomichi
    • Yamato Museum