Nihon-sankei Aki no Miyajima Attractions The three most scenic spots in Japan

Aki no Miyajima

Mother Ocean and the Island of the GodsWorld Heritage

Since ancient times, Miyajima has been revered as a sacred place. Many inns from from the Edo period still remain today. After visiting the temples and shrines, enjoy walking through the strees or even what might be the true essence of Miyajima, the primeval mountain forest.

access map

  • By car

    About 10 min. from Ono IC or Hatsukaichi IC

  • By Jetfoil

    About 22 min. from Hiroshima port
    About 45 min. from Motoyasubashi Pier.(World Heritage Sea Route)

  • By station | By Tramway

    10 minutes by car from Oono IC or Hatsukaichi IC, and 10 minutes by ferry.
    5 minutes walk from JR Miyajima-guchi station and 10 minutes by ferry.
    1 minute walk from Hiroden Miyajima-guchi station and 10 minutes by ferry.

Mt. Misen

Miyajima is said to be a sacred island and a short hike will bring visitors to its untouched primeval forest. There are 3 hiking courses: Daigen, Daisho-in, and Momiji-dani to Misen, the highest mountain on Miyajima. The observatory on the peak, with its beautiful island view, is another popular activity.