Nihon-sankei Tango-Amanohashidate The three most scenic spots in Japan

Tango Amanohashidate

Artwork of Natural Phenomenon

A myth in the ancient Lost Reports of Tango Province (丹後国風土記逸文) is like that: Izanagi-no-Mikoto, a gad created Japan islands, stood a bridge to go to heaven from earth, then called “Ama(天) Hashi(橋) Tate(立)”, however while the god slept on earth, the bridge felt down. In both split sea, many fish and shellfish live.



Monju-do Defune FestivalJuly 24

Legend has it, once upon a time there was a fierce battle between monjudo-bosatsu who came from China and a bad dragon that had damaged the sea in Tango.
The battle is reproduced on the specially- installed stage which floats on the sea.